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Previously, companies have been forced to separate the development of safety, quality and environmental safety related processes in different systems, as a comprehensive solution has not been available. Typically the near miss reports are collected in one place, risk assessments in another one, chemical safety data sheets in the third file, employees’ training information in the fourth, and online training materials in the fifth file.

InstaAudit allows you to manage all of them in one place.
Simple – Customizable – Mobile

Our clients have created over 100,000 documents with mobile devices!
Skanska Oy, Mari Korpela

“We compared around ten different software, and there lot of variety. We also wanted the provider that shared our ideas and that the tools in field use must be kept as simple as possible, that why we chose InstaAudit.”

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Collect and process safety observations, near miss-reports, environmental observations, quality observations and customer complaints. Employees and contractors can report an observation by mobile phone without first logging in to the system. Report observation in 10 seconds. System automatically creates QR-codes, which can be used to make the reporting even easier. Collect also Whistleblower feedback.




Conduct all audits, inspections and safety rounds with mobile devices. Safety walks, safety audits, environmental audit, quality audits, factory audits, product audits, weekly 5S audits. You can move all your existing checklist to the InstaAudit-platform and conduct them with smartphone and tablets. With enterprise level follow-up and statistic-features of course included.


Risk assessments

Conduct risk assessments, find risks and decrease risk probability. Create your own risk assessment templates. Assess probability and severity, assign residual risk. You can also evaluate environmental risks and Enterprise risks ( ERM, Enterprise Risk Management). With tablet you can document the assessment directly at the site and attach photos to the report easily. Automatic statistics provide you with company level summary from the risks.


Accident reports / Internal accident investigation

Collect incident reports and conduct internal incident investigation the way you feel best, for example use 5 X Why – method. Clear log is automatically created from the investigation. Categorize the incidents according to the severity, injured body part or any other categories you see fit.


Chemical Registry

With the Chemical Register Module, all your chemical data is located in your pocket. You can find all your safety data sheets and automatic chemical list in one place with CLP labels.

You can assess risks and update chemical storage and use amounts. All safety data sheets include a quick guide to help you see most relevant information quickly. You can also easily print out chemical stickers to your containers.


Training Registry

Training Registry-module enables you to maintain all your employees training records in one place and also assign employees to take elearning-trainings, right in the same system! You are able to view expired safety training cards and elearning records from one place or to search expired trainings from specific factory or business unit.

Training Registry is also fully modular, for example you can create training package “Factory Employees Requirements” which has multiple training requirement “Work safety card” and “Forklift safety elearning”. Modularity guarantees that employees never have to take duplicate trainings.

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