We build products, that are clear and easy to use, the same principle also applies to our pricing.

Pricing is based on user amount. Chemicals and performing online trainings are also priced according to amounts. With no additional fees or surprises.


The users are  supervisors/management/support teams. Employees  do not need accounts, because they can record observations through a link (near-miss event, safety observation etc.).

  • Administrator accounts are priced the same as normal user account
  • The amount of templates is not limited
  • The amount of created observations/inspections limited in any way.
  • IOS and Android applications are included in the price.
  • Prices are VAT 0%

Minimum number of users is 5.


Online training (elearning)

The price for customers own online material is 5€/performance. Users can rehearse the material as much as needed. Renewing the training record is counted as new performance.

Production of online training content is priced separately. Customer is free to produce the online learning content with any provider, as long as the material is provided in standard format.

There is no vendor lock-in.


We are currently focusing this feature to our finnish customers.

Ready online training

We will shortly publish a list of our online training and pricing. The company can take these ready-made online trainings to use instantly.

OPTION: Import training records from an excel-file

The company’s existing training data can be transferred using the excel transfer file.  Excel transfer speeds up introduction in companies with a lot of training information.

The cost of the transfer is 500€ + 1€/training record.

For example
700 training records is 500€ + 700€ = 1200€