Mobile Reporting

You can create your own inspection templates, observation forms, and your organization tree and set the permissions as you want. For example, you can do all safety inspections, quality inspections, environmental inspections, Lean/5S-rounds, risk assessments, enterprise risk management (ERM), incident investigations.

You can collect, handle, assign and schedule everything that belongs to your company’s work safety, quality and environmental processes. The average size of our client companies is between 1,000 – 2,000 employees, but we also have many 100 – 500 employee companies as our clients. InstaAudit system was developed already from the beginning to fit well to  a large company, but the platform is still very easy to use.


Record observation in 10 seconds.

Embed pictures directly from your mobile phone and use the text-to-speech feature.

Safety observations, near-miss events, quality observations, environmental observations.


Fill any checklist with your smartphone or tablet directly at the site.

Create your own checklists.

Safety Checklists, Quality Checklists, Environmental Checklists, LEAN-checklists.

Risk assessments

Conduct risk assessment or environmental risk assessments.

You can conduct the assessment by sector or by work process.

Use existing templates or create your own.

Accident reports / Internal accident investigation

Handle internal accident investigation, create your own investigation template or use our existing templates. Categorize injured body part, root causes, own worker / contractor, commuting/at work site.

Action Management

Guarantee that the reported hazards, audit observations and risk assessment actions are properly corrected with action management.

All in the same place.


All the remarks reported are automatically visible in the statistics.

Easy to read graphs enable you to see the big picture. Check out the most common reported hazard or pending actions that doesn’t get closed.


As an Admin you can create your company hierarchy and create your own templates for others to use.


Make reporting observations easy

The easier it is to report observations for the employees, the more observations are reported. The more observations are reported, the lower the risk of accidents. Employees report observations through a simple link. Link can be shared, for example, on a bulletin board, shared spaces or be installed on the employees’ mobile phones’ home screens, putting observation behind just one button. It takes approximately 10 seconds for the employee to report an observation.

All observations are handled

All observations are assigned for handling to the site’s manager. A notification about unhandled observations is sent to the managers. The system directs towards effective observation handling, no observations will be left pending processing. Efficient handling of observations will encourage to make more observations, and in addition, every corrective measure made decreases the probability of an accident.

Collect observations from contractors

In addition to your own employees, you can offer the contractors a way to report observations. It is as easy as collecting observations from your own employees.

Use QR codes

The system automatically creates QR codes, which can be used to further facilitate reporting observations for the employees who are familiar with QR codes. QR code can be placed in a visible place in the work site’s bulletin board or in shared space. In addition to the QR code, the link is, of course, also visible in the print for those employees who are not familiar with QR codes. Also works with NFC chips.


Create any audit

You can use InstaAudit to document any audit you need, for example, management safety round, 5S-rounds, quality and environmental inspections. The administrator will create necessary templates for the company.

Assign and schedule

Assign and schedule task. Everything will get fixed on-time and nothing is lost and forgotten in paper forms. Reminders are sent weekly.

Assign tasks to contractors

You can send tasks to contractors, who confirm them and comment tasks through an easy-to-use link.

Automatic report

After the audit he report is generated with a click of a button, the auditor does not have to use time to write the  reports afterwards.

Embed pictures to a report

The pictures taken with your mobile phone or tablet are directly embedded to the correct place in the report.

Risk Assessments

Create risk assessments

Use default template or create your own risk assessment template and risk matrix.

Assess environmental and company level risks

Include also Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) assessments and environmental risk assessments.

Update risk assessment

You can easily update risk assessment periodically or when the production environment changes.

Make risk assessment at the site with a mobile device

You get pictures conveniently to the correct palce on the report, no need to spend time in Word or Excel.

Accident notices / Internal accident investigations

Make an internal accident investigation

Use your own investigation template or use existing templates.  Categorize the incidents according to the severity, injured body part or any other categories.

Root cause investigation

Create 5 x Why investigation, a clear log is created about the investigation process.

Easily edit classification

If a recorded near-miss event should be converted to an accident, it can be easily done without recording the same information again.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make the audit-template for XYZ?

Yes. Your company’s administrator can create all necessary templates by using an easy-to-use tool.

What type of observations/Audits/risk assessments are made with InstaAudit?

Safety rounds, checklists, audits, inspections, same goes for quality and environmental, for example 5S/lean-rounds, management rounds, fire inspections, radiation inspections, vehicle and machinery audition.  Environments are typically factories and work sites. Quick risk assessments and and company level risk assessments. For any other types of observations, such as safety, environment and quality observations, including client reclamation. Your imagination is the limit actually.

Can I export my company’s information if I stop using InstaAudit?

You can. The client company owns all the data that the company has in InstaAudit. In case you want to stop using the system, you will get your data with you. Though, not one client has yet stopped using InstaAudit.

What kind of support will I get?

The administrators have a phone/chat/email support from 8am-4pm at Mon-Fri (GMT+2). We are proud that our clients see our customer service as quick and straightforward, but that is how it should be!

How long does it take to start using Instaaudit?

If you send the request today, you will be using the platform tomorrow. We will arrange a video meeting, where we will teach the administrators to use the system. Depending on the size of the company, we will assess the need for training the other employees.

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“We compared a few, InstaAudit seemed most clear and easy to use; it fit our needs perfectly.”


“Support has worked well, our questions have been answered quickly and problems have been solved very rapidly. All in all, the support has been smooth.”


“The feedback from the whole personnel: directors, managers and employees has been positive and the system is seen as clear and easy to use.”


“We compared around ten different software, and there lot of variety. We also wanted the provider that shared our ideas and that the tools in field use must be kept as simple as possible, that why we chose InstaAudit.”


“We have modified the system in every way to suit our needs, custom templates and organizational structure were especially customized. We had a big organizational restructuring in early 2016 and at that time I was able to create a new organization structure using the administrator tools.”


“The feedback has been good, our employees have especially emphasized ease of use and clarity. It should be noted that all the employees have adopted the system quickly.