Training Registry

With the Training Register you can store all the training information of all employees in one system. The administrator determines the training, which can be managed by the system. You can also enlist employees for training with your own custom training requirements and follow through the training process.

You can define modular trainings, e.g. what trainings should new employees take with a single click. The training register includes an online training feature. As you add work safety card training to a person, you can also provide him with online training. All from one system.

All trainings

All training information can be accessed from one system. Manage all training information in the same system. The administrator defines managed training.


With the online training feature you can easily complete any online training. E.g. site-specific orientation, introduction of a new employee, corporate ethics or any other online training.


Certain work task in your company may require certain training. Define the training set and its requirements and you can easily see if all the employees have the required training.


The supervisors receive an e-mail when the training of their employees is expiring.


At enterprise level, you can view how many of the trainings will expire in the next month or next six months. The statistics provide you with the necessary information about trainings to apply for tax deductions.

Transfer of existing trainings

Existing training data can easily be transferred with the help of excel transfer file.


Take advantage of training information across other enterprise systems via interface, e.g. access control.

Syncs with Mobile Work Permissions

The training register will be integrated into the upcoming Mobile Work Permissions-feature. Before a work permit is granted, the system will automatically check that the required training is in place.

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