Case Study

Finnsementti Oy: Risto Savelius: The reason why we chose InstaAudit-system


Interview: Risto Savelius, Safety Manager, Finnsementti Oy

Need for a new report system

The old safety report managing system of Finnsementti was replaced with the new InstaAudit system, simultaneously with the Intranet renewal process. “Our old near miss report system was getting old and rigid”, says Risto Savelius, Safety Manager of Finnsementti Ltd.

Since the new Intranet supplier couldn’t provide a suitable reporting system, Finnsementti decided to compare a couple of different systems, including InstaAudit. After all, the choice was quite easy: InstaAudit was recommended by Rudus Ltd, a company in the same group as Finnsementti. Considering the good feedback of InstaAudit given by Rudus, “there was no point to look any further”, Savelius says.

Easy-to-use tool to accelerate the corrective actions

As reported by Savelius, the implementation of InstaAudit system was surprisingly effortless despite the fact that it coincided with the summer vacations. Direct feedback from the personnel has been to the minimum, but the results speak for themselves.

After a small initial decline, the number of near miss reports begun to increase, now being slightly more than the amount reported during the old system. InstaAudit system gives notifications of unprocessed reports, resulting in speeding up the corrective actions in the company. “That in turn encourages personnel to make reports, as they lead to corrective actions faster”, Savelius explains.

Altogether, Savelius and his colleagues at Finnsementti are satisfied with InstaAudit’s customer support. “The support works very well, our questions are answered quickly and our problems are solved promptly. All in all, the support has been very smooth”, he says.

User-friendly way to process company’s safety reports

At Finnsementti, InstaAudit system is used to collect, process and quantify near miss event reports. Savelius as the system administrator, can manage users and user rights, as well as create customized templates. Statistics and analytics module provides the graphs and charts that the Safety Manager needs. In addition, InstaAudit provides tailored statistical views and customized graphs, if required. Currently some of the safety reports are still located in the old system of Finnsementti, which means that they’ll be able to fully utilize the benefits of the system’s statistics within the next year. Savelius points out that once all the reports are merged into the same system, they can start off with a clean slate.

Future scenarios

Finnsementti is planning on expanding the usage of InstaAudit. Management discussions, as well as safety inspection documentations, will be stored into the system during the next year. Moreover, the new chemical registry was noted when it was released, but more thorough examining of that is yet to be done. Altogether, Finnsementti is very satisfied with the new system, and according to Savelius, InstaAudit would still be Finnsementti’s choice.


Risto Savelius
Safety Manager
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