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Rudus Oy: Keijo Toropainen: We have used InstaAudit system for three years


Interview: Keijo Toropainen, Safety Manager, Rudus Oy

Simplifying the documentation and follow up process with InstaAudit

If Rudus could go 3 years back in time, they would still choose InstaAudit, according to Keijo Toropainen, Safety Manager of Rudus Ltd. “We needed to gather all the documentation into same place and simplify our follow-up procedures. Besides, our old system lacked some important features”, he continues. Some competing systems were examined as well, but InstaAudit was the winner with its well-known user-friendly approach. “Additionally, we really liked the possibility to create our own templates. We’ve actually used that feature actively”, Toropainen says.

Management of the tasks that come up from the inspections is now much easier than before. With simple steps, one can attach elements to tasks, such as pictures, timetables, and people responsible for the task. Also, the transparency of the system is highly appreciated by Rudus, as from task status it is easy to see whether the task is done or not. Notifications about expiring corrections are also noted to be a great feature.

Comprehensive user experience

Although deploying a new system is always a challenge, especially when the system is implemented to the whole organization at the same time, the deployment went well without bigger problems, tells Toropainen. InstaAudit’s agile customer support helped a lot during the process: “The support has been great, all the questions are answered quickly, usually within a couple of minutes.”

During the last 3 years Rudus has used InstaAudit system comprehensively for many different functions, including:

  • Internal safety, quality, and environment assessments at quarries and factories
  • Annual vehicle inspections (concrete trucks and pumps)
  • Construction machines’ semiannual inspections (wheel loaders and dumpers)
  • Management’s safety inspection rounds
  • Office safety inspection rounds
  • Near miss event reporting and management (added to InstaAudit from the Intranet in summer 2016)
  • Health and Safety program

In addition to what’s mentioned above, company uses same templates also in their operations in Estonia and Russia with their respective languages.

“People really like it when they can finish their tasks on the spot”

The fact that InstaAudit mobile application enables you to finish the near miss reporting on the spot has caused a lot of positive feedback. Even though some of the employees have missed the old near miss report listing due to its one-click-accessibility (new system requires logging in), generally speaking people are very satisfied with InstaAudit’s user-friendly and flexible interface.

During the implementation of InstaAudit, employees at factories and quarries got reinforced 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 devices. Nowadays employees use their personal devices as well, especially larger 6” phone’s usability is great. There are both iOS and Android devices in the field. In addition, employees with a lot of inspections have iPad Air 2 devices at their disposal.

InstaAudit develops with the company

InstaAudit’s custom templates and organizational structure features were modified to align with the needs of the customer. In the beginning of 2016 Rudus organization went through a big organizational restructuring, and at the time Toropainen was able to update the new organization structure into the platform, using the system administrator tools. When it comes to analytic tools, they’ve been doing well with the existing graphs and statistics without ordering any customized graphs yet.

According to Toropainen the new chemical registry module seems great. As a matter of fact, they’ve been a part of the chemical registry pilot group, and they are going to replace their Intranet solution with InstaAudit’s chemical registry. The purpose of that change is to improve company’s MSDS management. Moreover, Toropainen wants to assure that best practices and guidelines reach every employee.


Keijo Toropainen
Rudus Oy
Safety manager
Phone: +358 40 074 5165
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