“Let’s create a software, that even we are able to use.”
“…and let’s make it best in the world.”



Heikki Lampinen


Heikki is responsible of the all decision concerning the cloud architecture and has the last saying of all technical decisions. Heikki was introduced to the coding wonderland, when he discovered as a small boy, that variables can be set as money = money + 100.
#Fullstack #DevOps

“Everything is possible.”


Antti Lehtomäki

Senior System Manager

That extremely handsome and charismatic man in the photo is our Senior System Manager Antti. His main responsibilities are leading the platform development and handling of key accounts. His specialties include designing simple systems. Some say he might also have strong-armed the dev-team to get favorable description during website content creation.

“Simple men, doing simple software”


Jani Pihl

HSQE Specialist, Master of Safety

Master of Univer…Master of Safety Jani guarantees that the platform development will continue to meet and exceed companies’ requirements. Master of Safety Jani (he likes that people refers to him like that….) has over 10 years of experience in improving EHSQ-processes together with Finnish companies.

“Well, that’s absolutely minor thing to do.”


Maarit Pihl

Operative Manager

Maarit’s responsibility is to solve problems, usually problems caused by someone else. She also assures that everyday operations run smooth as a silk. To accomplish this, she usually has one fighter jet always in standby.


Jukka Kervinen

Development Manager

Jukka acts as a main man, when it comes to training registry and elearning content production. Jukka is not the woman in the photo, since Jukka is a man. We haven’t been able to get a good photo of him, but believe us, that we have tried. #ExcelMeditation