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NRC Group: Heidi Koskinen: InstaAudit was the best match for our need


Interview: Heidi Koskinen, Head of Safety, Quality and environment, NRC Group

Next level risk management

NRC Group wanted to get rid of unnecessary paper usage and centralize the safety data. Before adopting the new system, audits that were made at the worksites stayed at the project level, and therefore it was hard to get company-wide general picture. As a result, shifting to digital auditing system became necessary. “We made comparisons between a couple of platforms, but InstaAudit seemed most logical and user-friendly, and it was also the most suitable system for us”, says Heidi Koskinen, Head of Safety, Quality and Environment, NRC Group.

Koskinen also states that “by converting the paper based audits to a digital format we also got full transparency at the management level to the weekly inspections done within individual projects.” As a matter of fact, the tool is now in use at machinery inspections (wheel loaders etc.), as well as at worksite safety inspections.

Easy-to-use mobile application to make inspections

The deployment process started a bit slowly, but once the personnel received sufficient support, things began to work out well. Feedback from the staff repeated itself: InstaAudit is very easy to use. “Going back to the old way is out of question, and employees find it easy to do checklists with mobile phone”, Koskinen says.

Apart from a few tablets, the system is used mostly on mobile phones, for the most part Android based, with only a couple of Windows Phones remaining. Also, other applications used in company’s operations are mainly iOS/Android applications.

Koskinen adds that their project level staff appreciates the project level summaries in the analytics module, whereas their Safety, Quality, and Environment Managers are grateful for the division level summaries. Thanks to the new system, it is now easier to monitor the observations at the worksite, and as a result they can react faster and focus their resources to high-risk situations.

Expanding to other inspections

InstaAudit was customized to be compatible for NRC Group in a way that they can manage their projects below their operations. In addition, they create their inspection templates themselves by using administrative tools. For now, they haven’t needed any customized graphs yet. Future expansion plans for the system include broadening the usage to other inspections as well, for instance to environmental audits. NRC Group would choose InstaAudit again if they were to decide again: “Yes, I believe so, I have not yet seen a system that would be a better fit for our needs”, Koskinen says.


Heidi Koskinen
NRC Group
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