Would you like to have a customized dashboard for your companies EHSQ Data?


We are very excited to release major update to our integrated Analytics-module in InstaAudit-platform next week. Throughout the autumn we held workshops with our clients and based on the feedback received from those sessions, we are ready to bring next generation solution to our Analytics. This is going to be a whole new ball game.

After the update customized Dashboards can tailored according to companies specific needs. We also extensively studied the current popular BI (Business Intelligence) – platforms and used them as inspiration for best practices. One excellent platform in this domain was Qlikview/Sense.

Our vision has from the start been to build software that is extremely easy to use and to modify. With this update we will make Analytics-module true to this vision, flexible and easy to use.

From the tiny screenshot below the most attentive users can already spot some of the new and coming features.

Stay tuned while we wrap this up, we really cannot wait to be able to share this with all of you!